l'bleu Cosmetic Packaging

l'BLEU is a high-end cosmetic origins from Mauritius, South Africa. The design brief of this project was to design a high-end line of eco-friendly beauty products by coming up with a unique brand name, creating the brand signature and designing a line system of packaging with carton and sleeve die-lines provided. This yet to be branded product line is produced in Labonte, The Republic of Mauritius (RoM) & utilizes 100% natural ingredients derived from Mauritius's indigenous tropical flora. The final idea of this packaging was inspired from the pattern of shrine in Mauritius. I wanted to create a feeling of surrounding in tropical island, so I applied ocean-like color. The brand name l'bleu was transferred from a color, Indigo blue, that extracts from a kind of flower, which is especially grow in Mauritius. I also combined the traditional dance into the symbol, which is the line of swing dancing dress from Sega dance.

design process
mauritius moodboard