DESIGN BRIEF The goal of this project is to create a book by using only one chosen typeface. My chosen typeface is Minion Pro. The book is hand stitched with crest paper. The book reveals the facts of nonverbal communication and cultural influence, and demonstrates several useful Chinese gesture as examples. BACKGROUND Nonverbal communication includes facial expression, tones of voice, gestures, and eye contact. It plays an important role in our daily life, sometimes it is even more powerful than the verbal interaction. Thus, it is very useful for us to understand people by understanding their basic nonverbal communicative skills. In this book, I focused on the Chinese gestures. In Chinese society, most of the stores and markets sell their goods by person instead of self-checkout machine or electronic cash register. In this way, it gives customers an alternative to bargain for a good price. That's why having a basic knowledge of Chinese gesture will benefit people's life in terms of everything relates to Chinese culture. In addition to the book, I also made the hand lotion packaging, which is complementary to the book.