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System Social is a branding, web-design, and print design projects I undertook at IdeaWork Studio for client System Social. The design purpose is to create user interface design for target staff members, and the marketing materials for potential users. The projects were completed independently, and had a trade show in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nightclub & Bar Show 2017, attended by 39,000.
The design scopes including letterhead, business card, email signature, brochure, backstage portal interface for desktop and mobile platforms, marketing user interface, and trade show display. 

System Social is an employee advocacy app for social media amplification. It enables businesses to advertise products, services, and other offerings to potential customers. Knowing that the personal networks of their employees is the main factor to expand an organization’s social reach, System Social was created for staff members to disseminate their employers’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The system is available for organizations in a wide range of industries—from hospitality to retail to real estate.

With the background, I used green and navy as the primary colors throughout the designs. The logo ’s’ is used in a larger scale and laid on the background to create a visual movement and interest. As the contrast color to green, orange is used to emphasize the important messages. In the marketing website, which contains many different marketing message, I created a layout that is divided clearly by content themes, used solid green, solid navy, white, chart, and full-bleed images as background, and diverse grid systems for the content, so to provide a friendly visual communication to the viewers.
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