INSPIRATION When planning a party, business or social gathering, everyone is looking for "go green" tips. Biodegradable and compostable tableware is a great alternative to plastic one. A good design makes the consciousness. By an eye-catching design, it educated inspires people to reduce the amount of plastic they use. STORY YUSHI is a single-use, biodegradable tableware made from tree-free renewable and fully biodegradable materials such as sugar cane fiber, and bamboo.This graceful and irresistible collection of disposable tableware is sophisticated and appropriate for any social gathering and special events. NAMING The name of YUSHI is derived from Chinese word – 御食 – means eat or a meal that offerrs to royalty KEYWORDS Nature / eco-friendly / compostable / biodegradable / responsibility / single-use tableware / important / royalty / exclusive / elegant / stylish / social